Peppermint is not just another hotel brand. It’s a philosophy!!

We want to create India’s first exportable hospitality brand, by creating uniquely designed value priced hotels, resorts and everything in between. We want to have fun, and create environments for our guests to have fun, while serving them with genuine compassion. We will constantly reward our guests, and will be known for providing the best value for money in any location we operate.

Our Hotels have what an ideal world of hotels have! What makes us different?!?

The way we do things, design spaces, create dining experiences, provide service and remain uncomplicated. We make our all day dining restaurants really all day dining, become more efficient in our usage of real estate, make guests’ access of spaces easier, create spaces where one can lounge and use the internet (for free), or even stargaze {phew!}.

Hospitality has been questioned and rethought at Peppermint, and details have been addressed, like why are there so many drawers in a bedroom? Why do I have to dial so many numbers to get a safety pin? The Why’s were endless, and if you come across one that you want answered, just come to us, and we will try and unravel hospitality mysteries together!